Can I create custom shades of Henna?

Creating custom shades is simply changing the ratio of Henna and Indigo. To lighten your dye and add more red tones, use more henna in the mixture. To darken your dye and add more cool tones, add more indigo. The following ratios for our MM Henna, which can be used as baselines for creating custom shades:

 Red: All Henna

 Light Brown: 2/3 Henna, 1/3 Indigo, or 2:1.

 Medium Brown: 1/2 Henna, 1/2 Indigo, or 1:1.

 Dark Brown: 1/3 Henna, 2/3 Indigo, or 1:2.

 Black: One full package of Henna, One full package of Indigo.

You may mix the Light Blonde Henna Hair Dye or Neutral Henna Hair Dye to dilute the color in any of the browns, but doing so may cause a more orange result.

Please note that the results of custom Henna shades are not guaranteed. We recommend mixing Henna Hair Colors to only experienced users.

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