How often do I rotate elixirs?

Rotating the elixirs can be flexible, according to when you would like to apply them and when you have time. The rotation schedule depends on which series you start with. You continue rotating the series until the product is gone. During rest periods, we suggest using the Zen Detox.

Gold & Silver Elixirs

  • Use one, rest one week, use the other, rest a week. Repeat.
  • For oily hair, use the Silver alone until your scalp in normalized. For dry hair, use the Gold.

God & Goddess Elixirs

  • Alternate all 4 Elixirs for four consecutive weeks. 
  • Start with Air Elixir and follow with Sea, Earth and Fire for one week each. Then let your scalp and hair rest one week.

Tri-Color Elixirs

  • Begin with the Amber Elixir and follow with the Emerald Elixir and finally the Ruby Elixir.
  • Use each for one week. Let your scalp and hair rest for one week.

If you are doing all three series, start with Gold & Silver, God & Goddesses, then finally the Tri-Color. Wait a month between each series.

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