What Is the Best Brush to Use for My Pet?

The Mixed Boar Bristle Brush is for pets with coarse or thick fur, while the Pure Boar Bristle Brush is recommended for pets with sensitive skin and thinner fur.

To maintain brush longevity, we suggest cleaning your Boar Bristle Brush by gently loosening any fur with a comb, careful not to pull out any of the brush bristles. Either dip the bristles, not the hairbrush or handle, into warm soapy water and gently work the bristles back and forth to cleanse; or place a few drops of shampoo onto the brush spread with a little water and rinse under warm running water. Make sure to hold the brush with the head pointing downwards so no water can enter the air hole at the end of the rubber pad. Rinse thoroughly and shake to remove moisture. Let air dry with bristles facing down.



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