There Isn’t Any Foam, How Do I Wash My Pet?

Morrocco Method 5 Elements No Foam Pet Shampoos are incredibly concentrated, and sometimes it can be tough making sure the shampoo is getting to your pets’ skin and really cleansing. This is especially true with dogs who have thicker or curlier fur. To help work the shampoo through your pet’s fur we suggest using our Pure Rubber Massager.

For best use dilute the shampoo in a smaller bottle in a 1:1 ratio with water. Then, pour the mixture over the body of your pet and massage into the skin by hand or by our Pure Rubber Massager making sure to wash once to cleanse and twice to nourish. This will help to ensure that your pet’s skin is getting the raw nutrients from the shampoos and leaving fur with healthy shine.

 Make sure not to add water to the shampoo until directly before you plan to bathe your pet. We do not use synthetic preservatives in our products and water is an excellent way to ensure mold growth.

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